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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Improving Your Business with POS Technology

POS technology is all part of modern inventory management. It is a very nice system for monitoring changes in inventory and to analyze your inventory. It is quicker and more accurate than a manual system if your stock has a high turnover. 

The system is far from perfect, but it is a system that is easy for staff to learn and does create metrics for a business owner to investigate. One of its biggest flaws is that it is easy to manipulate, which is how some employees may hide their massive amounts of theft. Nevertheless, here are a few positive reasons why you should install a POS system in your store. 

It allows you to analyze store data
You can figure out how quickly your items are selling, how much restocking you need to do, how many items are missing, and how much stock you have at one time. If you make POS inventory taking a regular process, then you may see the changes in stock levels and match them to your purchase orders and sales figures.

You may decipher the seasonal purchasing trends
Using year on year analysis, you are able to see how your sales differ in the store from one year to the next. You will be able to see how your sales figures jump up and down at different parts of the year.

Temper your buying decisions based on historical data
Philosophers dealing with randomness will tell you that basing your buying decisions on history data is like a turkey basing its happiness on the fact it is getting more food the month before Thanksgiving. However, the POS inventory management system will allow you the option of looking at historical data, so that you may take it under advisement when you make your newer purchases.

Pricing accuracy is increased
The businesses that change their prices on a regular basis are going to need a way of tracking and checking which sales tickets have gone out for which items.

The POS system is quite easy to use
One of the main selling points for this system is the fact that it is easy. There are better systems than this one, but a combination of too much training and a high occurrence of human error with poorly motivated staff are reasons why some people choose this method.

The software and the devices involves are easy to use, and the user interface is quite simple too.

Sales information may be synchronized manually
The real processing work occurs in the system, and not in the PDAs or in the brains of your staff. This means that all information is synchronized so that any changes (such as with sales) are going to occurs without a hitch. This means that so long as the staff do their usual routine store maintenance at the right times of the day, then nothing will ever be left un-done. The sales data, prices, and price labels are all going to work in harmony with the processes at the tills and in the back office.

It offers an easier way to keep track of prices
The prices in your store need to be a certain amount, and you need to know what a certain price label says without having to wander out into the store. This system allows you to do that, including allowing you to see which price labels should be changed, and which ones still need changing.

Product information may be easily changed
This goes for anything from changing barcodes to changing the sales information on the price labels. The information may be changed on the system, which then filters down and is changed on all the other areas of the business.

There are sales tracking options
The real sales tracking happens at the tills, but that does not mean that valuable sales information cannot be taken from the POS system. The affect that price changes have will be easier to read and analyze from the POS system, rather than through sales records alone. 

The price of one product and its relation to the sales of other similar products may be monitored. The POS system plugs the hole in the absence of evidence that sales records have. For example, a sales record cannot tell you if selling your products at $4 or at $40 will make a difference if very few of each are sold.

There is a security element too
The POS system is easy to manipulate, but that does not mean that it will be. People need to know how to manipulate it before they actually can, so you do have a little bit of “give” with regards to security. Plus, you can set up multiple checking systems to discourage staff theft via the POS system. The staff that are unaware of the means of getting around the POS system will become exposed as thieves.

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