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Sunday, July 21, 2013

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The Main Reasons Why You Should Install Internet Security Today

With the availability of information on the internet these days no one is safe. Especially children, who are known to be curious about their surroundings. So, of course you can bet on them to click on the wrong link and directed to an adult site. No parent wants their child to be exposed to such things. Especially at such a young age. When it comes to internet security even you are not safe. There are plenty of scam offers that even adults fall for.

The Real Threats:
Things on the internet that are a big threat to you, and even me are: Spyware, Phishing mail, identity theft, and spam mail. Spyware includes Trojans, adware, pop ads, modified cookies, and what not. Spyware is not the same as a virus, which also is another threat, since it does replicate itself or steal. Spyware is designed to watch your online activity. This leads to hackers watching every move you make and by the use of key-logging they can steal important information. This can lead to identity theft. Once they gain this information they can make online purchases by using your credit card data and create false documents. 

Annoying Internet Spam:
On the other hand, we have spam mail. Spam mail itself is not dangerous but the information the emails contain may come to harm you. The links, for example, may lead to spyware or viruses. You should never open or download attachments from spam mail. This may lead to your pc to be infected by a virus, or be introduced spyware, or even make you get more spam. Choosing to buy or download a good spam filter will do you good in the future. 

These days, Phishing has become one of the major threats to internet users everywhere. It has become the new way to steal information such as a usernames and passwords. Hackers use this method very often. A hacker will send you an email which will link you to a website that you are familiar of, such as eBay, as an example. You will actually be on a duplicate of the website instead of the real one. When you enter your login information, it will go straight to the hacker. And boom! Your information and account taken. Best action you can take is by downloading software that can detect phishing on your browser. 

Prevention is better than Cure:
You should update your internet security by downloading the latest and best anti spyware software, phishing detection software, spam filters, antivirus programs and pop-up blockers. This way you can protect your pc from harmful virus’, Trojans, and what not. You can never be too safe on the internet. With so many socializing sites and the amount of sharing done, you are bound to get a virus in your pc at one point or another. Take a step by step initiation to set up a defensive wall around your pc with software. There is no reason to go through the pain of losing valuable documents and files by the means of getting a virus. 

Maria is a 20 year old part time writer. She is extremely passionate about antivirus vergleich and loves to write Reviews on everything that interests her.


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