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Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint is the most widely used platform for designing digital presentation, only succeeded by its recent rivals Keynote and Prezi. It serves an important role in a marketing or training campaign.

Its usage ranges from training classes to marketing pitches. Here are some of the industry standard tips to help you design Effective Presentations.

Before jumping deep into more complex aspects, the first thing you need to focus on is the Font. Great content without readability or legibility would be completely futile.

Implement a standard, subtle typeface, or typography for the paragraph text (body). Standard typography which includes Sans-Serif, Arial are to be preferred. Fancy fonts with excessive design patterns should be avoided to make your presentation look more professional and legible.

I spend countless hours literally trying to figure out the best theme to choose for my presentation. Follow these tips while choosing a temple.
  1. Use minimalist themes to sport an elegant and professional appearance.
  2. Use a single theme along the entire presentation. You may implement alternate color schemes to highlight different sections.
  3. Animated templates are preferred for more interactive appearance targeted for student age groups.

Make it Interesting
I Have personally attended several hundreds of presentation demonstrations. Most of them bored me to death, by only including statistics without anything interesting

You need to connect, convince the audience and make them glued to the screen. Include a story and help them connect with the topic. If you are giving out a marketing pitch, include interesting jaw-dropping statistics related to the topic, illustrate how your product is going to benefit them and the future status of it.

Images and Videos
Images and Videos are a part and parcel of your presentation. It promotes readability and makes the presentation more intriguing to the readers.
  1. Embed a minimum of one or two images in each slide.
  2. Use High quality images, make sure they are not copyrighted to avoid any conflicts.
  3. Embedding a video allows the presenter to take a breath during the hectic presentation and not to mention, makes the presentation more intuitive.
  4. PowerPoint also includes an intuitive capability to stream live videos from the internet during a slideshow. 
Author Bio: Nekkanti is a social media analyst, who works a lot with PowerPoint. He blogs at FPPT and Engineering PPT Templates, where he share latest tips and resources related to presentations.


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