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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Best Facts About Facebook

Facebook is that the hottest social media (means of interactions among folks within which they produce, share, associated exchange data and concepts in virtual communities and networks) web site therefore vital Facebook has become in our life’s that few day or an hour passes while not our work into this web site and change or sharing post tho' this web site it's calculable that out of 900 million facebook user virtually fifty journal into their account daily that is over 450 million therefore a thereforecial media that is so well-liked among lots and whose majority of user square measure from young generation there should be some faces each freaky yet as traditional related to it.

Today we tend to square measure about to look at some freaky facts concerning these social media large referred to as facebook.

1. Iceland used Facebook to rewrite its constitution!
When Iceland got it independence from Danmark in 1944 they foreign the constitution of demark as their own with some minor changes however once their face the recession of 2008 and there was money crises in demark then they thought of editing constitution the task was entrusted to twenty five people that when writing the draft announce it to facebook for the folks of Iceland to possess their say on any amendments.
So when nice dialogue and suggestion from facebook user the constitution of Iceland was rewritten.

2. A 3rd of all divorce filings in 2011 contained the word “Facebook” 
Do not post inappropriate comment or post offensive pic to female in facebook if you wish your wedding to figure WHO is aware of which may work as a symptom to your unfaithfulness in divorce related case in step with recent finding concerning one third of divorce was associated with facebook.

3. Third largest country
If facebook was a rustic then in step with its 900 million users it might are the third largest country within the world when China and Asian nation.

4. Adding the amount four to the tip of Facebook’s uniform resource locator can mechanically direct you to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall

By writing are directly log into facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s wall tho' why he has chosen range four rather than range 1 after all he's {the range|the amount|the quantity} no 1 is  not can be one thing to try to to with luck organism or lucky number.

5. Facebook pays $500 to anyone WHO will hack into it! 
That is a challenge that facebook throws at anyone is prone to get the number if he will hack it for over twenty four hours one man was able to therefore and also the facebook hires him.

6. Concerning two hundredth of all photos this year can find yourself on Facebook.
Everybody like to share his or her expertise with the beloved and expensive one and what higher thanks to share the expertise than photos as a result of it's forever aforementioned an image speak m. Going by the manner within which photos square measure announce in facebook with over a hundred and forty billion pic facebook has the best range of pic in it library then anyplace.

Author Bio: This post is written by Erin Dane CEO at Tech You N Me.  Who focuses on Latest Trends in Technology. Also writing for Apple and TechCrunch. She has 6 year experience of tech writing.


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