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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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How To Secure The Outside Of The Home

When a robbery occurs inside a home, the intruder gained entry from the outside. Home owners who want to keep their home safe and free of intruders need to secure the outside of the home. There are many ways a criminal can enter your property and home and it is important for home owners to have options in place to keep an burglary from happening. The most effective option is a burglar alarm that will keep an intruder from entering your home. A loud alarm will thwart a would-be intruder and keep your home safe.

All entry points of the home need to be covered and this can include entries outside the home such as the driveway. All aspects of your property should be covered so you can rest easy each night. Below are a few options to use to secure the outside of your home to keep intruders out.

Driveway/outdoor entry points
Most every home owner has a driveway, be it a long or short drive to your home. There are products that can be used to alert you of a presence. You can use motion sensor cameras or security camera systems to let you know when someone is approaching or you can use a simple detector that will alert you with a noise that someone is coming. This way you can take a peak outside and see if the person approaching is in a vehicle or someone that is possible sneaking up to your home to gain entry unannounced.

Foil Tape
Another option that is great for home security that can be used on the windows is foil tape. Foil tape is thin tape created from a metallic material. This tape is electrically conductive and will alert an alarm system if removed. This tape works with an alarm system but is a great hidden system that will allow you to keep your home secure.

Wireless Systems
Another option you can consider is a wireless alarm system. A wireless alarm is one that requires no wiring so the unit is not visible. This type of unit is great for those who have a large property area with added structures such as guest homes, a pool, etc. This system can provide security for all of these areas to keep the home safe from intruders. You will be instantly alerted if someone enters an area that they do not belong.

False Alarms
One must consider that when an alarm is installed there could be false alarms, especially when you live on a large property. Some alarms are triggered by the slightest sound so be aware that you may have false alarms. Always take each time the unit goes off to heart and be wary, as you may have a potential crime on your hands.

All of these options can help you have a safe and secure home. Take a walk around your property and determine what options will work best for your home. Even speak with experts so that you have a safe home and can rest easy every night.

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