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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Tips To Avoid Ads With Virus On Android

All Android phone owners should always be concerned and aware about viruses that normally affect the Smartphones, but most are not. Only 4% of mobile phone users use the virus protection software, according to sturdy held in the U.K. in January 2013.

Identity and Personal information such as contact lists and financial passwords -- normally stored on a protected personal computer they now appear to be unprotected in Smartphones. The Android phones infected with Trojan horses, malware and other kind of viruses send the virus to the contacts, leave your cell phone unusable or even worse: Perpetrators steal the usernames and the passwords leading to identity theft.
Shielding your Android phone is just a twofold procedure; avoid potential ads viruses and always download the legitimate anti-virus protection for your phone. Below are some tips to avoid ads with the virus on Android.

Open the attachments on your Android phone with same caution just as you would on your PC. 
  • This includes ads attachment in MMS and in email messages. Do not open attachments from individuals that you do not know. 
  • Also, don't open any ad attachment from a contact if it looks suspicious. 
  • Your phone's contact list may be infected by virus that email or message itself to anyone its list, including you.

Suspicious Ad links
“Watch out for the suspicious ad links sent through text or email messages.
  • Never click a questionable link. Like attachments, the virus may be sent by a person that you do not know who poses as an individual on your contact list.
  • If you’re suspicious about an ad link sent by a contact, text or email the sender to inquire if he/she sent the message. 
  • He/she may not know that his/her phone is infected by the virus that’s sending messages to the contacts.”

Download Apps
Download the Android apps only from a legitimate app store, and always read the reviews prior to buying so as to make sure that there is no buzz about an ad virus attached to the app. 
  • The U.K. mobile threats report shows that as demand for Android apps increases, so is the proliferation of ad viruses, particularly the spyware. 
  • The virus can transfer from any type of application, including the gaming apps, the fake antivirus apps, the fake financial tracking apps as well as the social networking apps.

Protect your Android phone from malware and other ad virus infections using the antivirus apps. 
  • Choose from the well-known and trusted antivirus software providers, such as Norton. 
  • As some viruses normally present themselves as free or inexpensive software from the unknown companies.
  • For an Android-powered phone, it’s essential to download antivirus from reliable sources to protect your personal info. 
  • The Norton Mobile Security app offers a find and wipe service as well as spam and virus protection. 
  • In addition to the standard virus scan, Norton can lock your Android phone so as to protect your personal data in case of a virus attack or if your Smartphone is stolen or lost.”
  • Know the ad virus signs. Your phone might be infected if it gets lots of spam messages or if it’s performing so slowly. 
  • Fraudulent ad downloads come also in the form of free ringtones or any other free offer. 
  • Such ad downloads can erase your contacts and personal information that you have stored or even crash the phone service. 
  • In case of dealing with such a mishap it’s essential to get in touch with professionals on how to avoid ads with the virus on Android via the Norton helpline.


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