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Sunday, September 29, 2013

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A Complete Guide to Link Building with Provable Strategies

With SEO gauging importance in a world that revolves round digital space, link building has received its share of publicity as well. Companies wish to know what is link building and, how is it that it can get them the right visibility. Most companies entrust their SEO activities to agencies and, rest in peace not knowing what is happening to their website. Brands essentially do not realize that they have to know what is SEO, what is link building and, how they work in order to know if they are working on moral grounds or not. 

SEO, short for search engine optimization, essentially deals with ranking of a website. Google, the search engine, that created new waves in this digital space, has made people realize the need for some kind of optimization to ensure proper rankings and, therein the right visibility for the website. Google is the engine that crawls, using tags and Meta tags, into a particular content and, finally retrieves it. While content is the king for SEO, link building is what you would call the soldier of the whole game. Without this soldier, the king cannot win the game the right way. But, again an ethical link building is the way to ensure winning. Let’s move on to understand what link building is, how it works and, the various strategies on which it is based. 

Link Building: A Significant SEO Process
With an aim of increasing the number of inbound links along with their quality, SEO involves a process called link building. There are various forms of link building process using which a website receives traffic and, visibility increases. The whole purpose of this process is to increase the reach of the website and, make sure more and more people choose to visit this link. Generally you need to have back links on various authentic websites which would reach out to you. You could either reach out to them before associating your back links with them or, you could generally figure out which websites are best for your niche and, accordingly present your links on those sites. The whole point of this exercise is to achieve maximum reach and visibility of your website and, in turn your brand. 

There are a whole set of strategies that need to be understood to ensure that link building occurs successfully. With passing time and, glowering statistics, it is essential that you understand what strategies would record a good link building exercise. Here are a few strategies that would help you in link building for better outcomes.

Find Link Building Opportunities
Before you start building links, it is essential to understand the various opportunities being provided for link building within your niche. You need to find out opportunities where your niche audience is present and, ready to know you. Your target site should be such that when you start a link building exercise, it gives you human visitors. It is very necessary to find the right target site.
The Right Building Tools
You need to use the right building tools that would help pave a better path. These tools are meant to help you and, not do your job. Tools like Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO will help you locate domains that possess authority with the various search engines. You will find sites that are rich in human visitors. You will also know if you would get a decent following on building links with this site. These tools lay a foundation for a good research. 

The Manual Review Process
Always include sites with manual review process in your link building exercise. If there is no manual control present in the site, chances are you might fail to get a long term guarantee with this site. The site will provide good initiatives initially but in the long run the site will fail totally thus, making you sink with it. So, do make sure there is human presence in the sites you are linking to for a long life.

Good Content
Content is generally considered to be text which is a fact. But, when you wish to stand apart and, pave your own path, you need to ensure that content is good as well. You can bring in a mix of content that would make you look different. If it does not hamper your good repute, you can always include some controversies, images that would get your enough footage and, some interviews on board to make your content go viral. With a mix of good content, more and more sites would wish to link up with you and, you would get good visibility. Make sure your content is not just boring text but, a good mixture of text, interviews, videos, and images.

Anchor Text
The days of the exact match anchor text are long gone. Now, its time for anchor text that looks similar to your keyword. Make sure you use anchor text while linking but, just use the keywords once if absolutely necessary. Else you can use your brand name, URL, keywords mixed with brand names etc. to create a good anchor text that will redefine your link building exercise.

Social Networking
Use of social media will enhance your link building exercise. More and more search engines are giving out results in the form of social media websites making them interlinked. Sharing and following is possible because of social media which has a wider reach compared to any other medium. So, get friendly with social media and, use it to enhance link building.

Competitor Link Info
A good competitor link building research would help you get the ideal link building sites. You need to find out where you competitor is busy link building. Once, you have an idea of that you can always get on with those sites for improving your link building exercise.

Remember, it is a matter of research and analysis that will give you good quality sites for link building and maximize reach and, gain the right visibility.

This is a guest post by Janice Noel. Janice is a search engine expert with interests in technology. She is associated with Netspysoftware


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