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Sunday, September 15, 2013

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How Online Gaming Has Impacted the Internet

Online gaming has revolutionized the way in which people are able to play games, interact with friends, and even win money and prizes. The Internet is used for a huge range of games, from free online games platforms to multiplayer console battles to online casino games. The evolution of online gaming has meant that all new games for every conceivable device are now playable online.
Just How Popular is Online Gaming?

Multi-player gaming has exploded in the past 10 years, and is now among the most prominent forms of gaming on the Web. People can now log on and access a huge network of online gamers to play with. Now that internet speeds and bandwidths are capable of supporting high tempo, high graphic games, this is where the majority of gamers are spending their time.

Online Gambling Games Are a Huge Hit
Online gaming is not all just about multiplayer console gaming as there are other extremely popular online games platforms which millions of people play around the world every day. The Internet has revolutionized the gambling world too and there are now more online casinos than there are traditional ones. Popular sites such as Thetop10bestonlinecasinos showcase the best of these sites.

Online casinos are estimated to be worth around $40 billion in 2013 and the industry is one of the most rapidly expanding online markets. Online casinos pay out huge sums of money and even give out large bonuses for winners, far beyond those expected in traditional casinos.

Online Gaming: A Multi-billion Dollar Industry
Online gaming generates huge amounts of income for software developers, advertisers, and even gamers themselves, and it's a multi-billion dollar industry. The subscription fees alone for Xbox Live mount up to tens of millions of dollars per year for Microsoft.

And for users, the aforementioned online gambling isn't the only way to make money from online gaming. If you're able to compete at the highest level in your preferred games, you can enter competitions and win prize money as well as trophies and of course bragging rights.

America's Leisure Time Has Been Transformed
The biggest impact that online gaming has had on the internet is not in terms of how much money it generates or even pays out, but in the way in which we are choosing to spend our leisure time. For better or worse, we are spending a lot more time logged on and gaming than we ever have before and this trend is only set to continue as developers are spending more of their time developing new ways to utilize the internet for gaming purposes.

The traditional image of a gamer being a teenage boy isolated in his room all day playing on a games console is long gone. There are now online games and gaming communities available to suit every demographic. Whether gamers are in it to gamble against the house, play against their friends, or take on the AI in the latest online games episode, there's no denying that the world loves gaming. 


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