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Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Paper vs. Keyboard: The Benefits of Both Writing Styles

Over the last 20 years or so, the way writers write has changed. This change was fueled by the advent of the personal computer. Some writers prefer the feel of the paper under their hands as they write with pen or pencil. Others prefer the computer. Both are valid preferences and, you, as a writer, have yours.

Paper and Pen
A fresh legal pad and your favorite pen – you set the pad down on a table, thinking of what you plan to write. As you set pen onto paper, the words seem to flow. You write as fast as your thoughts come into your brain. 

When you decide to change something, you simply scratch through what you originally wrote. Drawing a line with an arrow, you write the new material, indicating where it’s supposed to go. You like this method because it’s worked for you ever since you started school – why should you change?

At other times, you may not be able to sit at a table. It’s during these writing sessions that you need a notebook so you can balance your writing pad on your legs. As you look for new notebooks, don’t forget to browse the selection at RusticoLeather. Here, you’ll be able to find a notebook that fits your tastes.

You may prefer writing on the computer for several reasons. You may have penmanship that’s difficult to read. Once you’ve written something in a notebook, you may go back to it and wonder what you intended to say.

If you are more skilled at writing on the computer, your fingers racing over the keys, occasionally hitting the backspace key to delete an error, you find that your work is much easier to re-read, proof and edit. It’s also easier to make changes, deleting entire sections and replacing them with new copy. Here, instead of drawing an arrow to indicate where the new words go, once you’ve deleted the previous words, you replace them with the new ones.

When You Might Choose One over Another
Some forms of writing may be more naturally suited to pen and paper while others may have a better fit on the computer. 

Shorter items, such as a poem or a small blog post, can easily be written on paper while novellas, novels, academic papers and dissertations are much more easily written and saved on the computer.


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