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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Best Online Virus Scanners For Computer

Here are a few good online virus scanners for your computer, but there are a few words of warning beforehand. And, one of those words of warning is that you cannot trust online articles to tell you the truth. Even if the online article was written by a team of programmers who have tested an antivirus tool thoroughly, you still cannot be sure that tomorrow the antivirus company will not be bought by a nefarious company that wants to monitor computers for its own gain. Here is a list of a few good online virus scanners (in our opinion only), which is preceded by a warning.

The warning before you start

There is a great con that is rife on the Internet. It involves having people run a virus check on their computer and finding a virus. The tool then offers to remove the virus for you in return for payment. This is the general premise of the con, but it has lots of variations. Some will charge you to install the virus checker and then install a random virus on your computer when it installs. It then finds that virus on your computer and tells you about it so that you think you have just got a great deal. 

Be wary of this sort of thing because even the companies that do not seem to want your money may simply wish to install their own malware on your computer. That is why the words “free” should be handled carefully because you have to ask yourself how they are making money if they are giving their services away for free. Be careful downloading any of them or their suggestions too.

Kaspersky Lab 
You can use their online functions to check for viruses if you wish. It searches out all sorts of virus and malware troubles. You may use it without having to uninstall any of your current antivirus software, and some people use it to check to see how well their current antivirus software is doing.

Trend Micro 
There is a paid and a free version of this software. At the time of writing it is the “HouseCall” version that is free. It is a tool that you use online to check for a number of malicious programs on your computer. It will also show you any parts of your software that the virus checker thinks are vulnerable. It then links you to patches that may fix this problem.

McAfee FreeScan 
This is a well known name when it comes to virus checkers. It is able to locate a lot of virus types on your computer and is available for use online. It uses its virus scan and free scan functions to search out viruses on your computer. It will display details about any viruses it finds and about where they are and possibly even what to do about it.

Computer Associates Virus Scanner 
It uses your browser to search for easy to find viruses. It then tells you where they are and what they may be. It is a virus locator that is no better or worse than the others on this website; it just searches for fewer types of malware than other checkers. This tool is more about finding viruses on your computer.

Symantec Security Check 
This tool offers what is known as its Symantec Security Response. It is a virus and malware detector that will search your computer for security threats, viruses, etc. If it finds any then it will let you know how serious they are and will give you advice on how to fix the problem, or will give you further steps you can take to fix it.

ESET Online Scanner 
This tool is known for being user friendly, and it is able to remove lots of different types of malware and viruses from your computer.

Panda Active Scan 
This is a tool that looks on your computer for risky software that has been installed on your computer. It also looks for numerous types of malware and viruses and finds them for you (it is just a detector). It also looks for weaknesses in your security, and it looks for software that is damaging the security of other software on your computer.

BitDefender Free Online 
BitDefender is another name that a lot of people recognize online. It has scanning engines that search out viruses on your computer and then cleans them automatically. It looks through your boot sectors to find files that are compromised and/or infected and it cleans them for you right away.

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