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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Five Tricks for Attracting the Best Employees Using the Internet

In this contemporary era, many employers are recognizing the powerful role that internet use can play in helping them attract great employees to their companies. With that thought in mind, business owners who want to use the internet as a platform to attract the best employees available should consider implementing some or all of the following strategies:

1. Use Social Media.
Social media platforms are a great channel to use in order to advertise the fact that you are hiring. To use a social media platform like Twitter, simply tweet a message to your followers informing them that you are hiring and include a link to one of your website pages where they can fill out an online application. For example, if your business is hiring sales managers, your tweet could look like this: "Sales manager jobs are now available at Acme Inc. Visit our website to learn more."

2. Advertise On Your Website.
Every business should have a website through which they can advertise upcoming events and important information regarding major developments such as job openings. You may want to create a link on the main page of your website that says "We're Hiring." Upon clicking the link, potential employees could be led to a page that provides detailed information regarding things like the hiring process, educational requirements, and more. The more traffic your website gets, the more efficacious this strategy can be.

3. Use Online Job Boards.
Online job boards can be a great way to attract the very best employees to your company. With an online job board like, employers can advertise the fact that they're hiring and receive responses from individuals looking to fill sales positions. Online job boards can be particularly effective in helping you attract the best employees, especially if you are very specific regarding your requirements.

4. Blog Regularly.
Individuals who do not learn about your business and the fact that it is hiring through your website can become aware of the fact via a blog. Blogging becomes increasingly popular with each passing day and more and more people are using blogs as a medium through which they share or attain information about things that are relevant to their world. By employing great SEO tactics such as good use of keywords and anchor text, you can advertise the fact that you're hiring to individuals who didn't come across the information through your website.

5. Practice Good Internet Networking Skills.
Internet networking can be the factor that enables you to inform more people who make use of the online world that you are hiring. By interacting with other website or blog owners, you may find them eventually willing to list you as an affiliate on their own pages. This can attract the attention of web surfers who were formerly unaware that your business existed. By being redirected to your blog or website via a hyperlink on someone else's page, these web surfers and potential job candidates will become aware of the fact that you are hiring.

Business owners who are interested in hiring the best employees available should note that the internet can be an amazing medium through which to attract these potential job candidates. By employing the strategies listed above, you will likely find yourself coming across some of the best applicants out there. Good luck!


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