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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Microsoft Security Nessesities: How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Few things are as frustrating and time-consuming to deal with as an infected computers. Viruses sneak up on users, change settings and invite even more infections. Some are so stealthy that users don't even know that they have a virus, which is why an anti-virus program is prudent. 

Microsoft has come a long way with security measures it offers to consumers. The Windows firewall is default, and users can download Microsoft Security Essentials for free. The two programs work well together, and Security Essentials is an alternative to the expensive anti-virus programs out there. You should turn on the firewall if you have no other protection, and you can do this from the "System and Security" section within the control panel. Windows lets you specify different firewall rules depending upon on your connection and network type, which is useful.

Microsoft Security Essentials is available from the official website. After installing the program, you'll see a simple interface. The program uses a reg, green and yellow color system to let you know the status of your system. Yellow indicates the need for a scan, while red is an alert of an infection. The "History" tab also contains quarantine information, and it's here where you can delete files. The program downloads updates every day; however, some people have expressed concern that Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't add zero-day threats quickly enough.

If you're not a fan of Microsoft's security options, you can download free anti-virus programs from the likes of Avast and AVG. Norton and Kaspersky also offer premium programs that include virus protection, email scanning, firewalls and even protection against identity theft if you opt for the Internet security suites. While anti-virus software now covers all sorts of malicious software, you might also run a third-party program to protect against and remove spyware. Spybot: Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware are two options. Spyware programs can be run simultaneously, but you should only install a single anti-virus program at once to prevent conflicts.

Although it might seem simple, logging in with a password goes a long way to protecting your computer. Not only does it deter unauthorized users who might have physical access to your computer, but it deters hackers. Of course, you should only download files from trusted sources and never click any suspicious links, even if they appear to come from people you know. 

Computer security is a combination of common sense and capable software, neither of which don't require much effort.

Author Bio:
Eloise Hammond is a professional writer with 10+ years experience. She enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her family.Also, check out Microsoft storesavings and

Different Ways of Capturing Website Screenshots

Taking screenshots of all the vital sites and information is a common feature especially in the workplaces. It is like keeping a proof of your essential document. Similarly, screenshots are also taken of websites. Haven’t you heard of this? Don’t you know how to take the screenshots? Screenshots of websites are a common feature of your task, especially if you are a journalist. You might have known about the different tools of capturing the screenshots of a website.

Take a look at the different tools for easily capturing the screenshots of your desired websites. You will get some of the tools as browser plug-ins and others come as standalone. Check out the tools and you will know it better.

ieSnapshotter – This is a plug-in for the Internet Explorer users. You can easily take thumbnails and screenshots of the web pages using this OS.

Screengrab – This is a very useful plug-in that helps you to take partial screenshots. You can save only the visible part of a window, a whole page, a specific frame of the website page or only a part of it. Not the whole website, now you can take a part of the web page.

Snissa – This is a plug-in for the Firefox users to enable them to take the screenshots of the web page.

Picnik for Firefox – Are you a photo editor using Picnik, the online image editing tool? If you are using this online editor, this Firefox plug-in is apt for you. It allows you to import the screenshot of the webpage you have opened at the present.

Pearl Crescent Page Server – With the help of this browser plug-in you can save the image of a web page in png or jpg format. You can capture a portion of the webpage or the whole of it. Saving the screenshots gives them the capability of automatically scaling the image to some small size.

Save as image – This is also a Firefox plug-in enabling you to save frame, page or a portion of any of the two as a picture straight from Firefox.


Thumbalizr – This is the plug-in that allows you to take the screenshot of the website only by pasting its URL. The only disadvantage of using it is – it might not function in all circumstances.

WebShotsPro – Enter the URL and capture the screenshot of the website you want. That’s it! It is so simple!

Author’s Bio: Timothy Lee is a journalist and knows well the importance of screenshots. He has recently come across some tools which he shares with his readers. He also advises his readers that to run any tool, you should have online Firewall security setup.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Before start guest blogging what we should not avoid

Guest blogging is a good way of building the online presence, traffic and links for the blog posts. Someone who is good at writing can create a top-notch influence online at a very short time. However, being a new blogger one should try to follow certain rules. Guest blogging is like a marketing tactics, it is a choice, which not many people do. The complication of guest blogging is very less, only two important things should be remembered- building a strong relationship and providing with high-quality content. Here are some surefire tips which if not avoided can make the presence of a new blogger highlighted.

Creating relationship and commenting frequently
Before starting guest blogging, one should strengthen the connections with other bloggers so that the guest post is accepted. It is easy to be noticed when the other bloggers know of you. The chance of getting the post rejected becomes less. In addition, leaving of thoughtful comments on different posts can make ones reputation better and one can be noticed by the other bloggers. This makes it the most effective way to make the online presence powerful. One should always try to focus on small blogs at the beginning. This way one can increase the boost and reputation.

Knowing the guidelines and the targeted audience
One should always target the audience first before guest blogging. It can give an idea of the kind of audience and the topic to write. This can eventually reduce the bumps in the journey, as one does not have to do any research on the blog readers. A very important factor that should not be avoided is to know clearly for whom the blogs are to be written. Beside ones writing skill, knowing the audience can certainly make the post go viral. Now, coming to know each details of writing one can definitely start over to write guest blogs.

Avoid bragging yourself and respond to all
Being novice in guest blog, one must certainly not brag about oneself as it creates a negative impact upon the other bloggers. Sending the ideas over an e-mail is a very good idea. Focusing on giving high quality content should be the first target. One should always send the whole post and not the title or the main idea of the post. After the successful posting, one should try to focus on giving response to the thoughtful comments provided by others and not on every thanking comment. This way a perfect link can be made with the other bloggers and popularity also increases.

There are numerous ways in which guest blogging can be done. One should just not limit to only one way. Exposures in different ways make the other bloggers to know more of oneself and helps to create a intimidate relationship with them. One should always have the plan before starting guest blogging. Without any plan, proceeding in the right way is very difficult and mainly ends with failure. Therefore, before starting guest blogging one should at first be aware of the doings.

About The Author: Kelly is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes to Infurn