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Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to Update Galaxy S2 I9100G to Android 4.2.2 with Vanilla RootBox ROM

Galaxy S2, a product of Samsung Electronics, is the mobile device with a slate type screen and running Android 2.3 as basis. While being updated to Android Jelly Bean, there have been constant efforts to port it to Android 4.2.2, through the Vanilla RootBox Rom. It is indeed a great success and the ROM has been one of the most sought after elements. It is also easily to install on high end device, like the Galaxy S2.
Being one of the ideal firmware elements, the ROM brings out multiple usable highlights. It has a combination of all the advantages of other ROMs that are available. It does not club some of the popular ROMs like Paranoid Android and AOKP. For a mobile of such a sleek design like Galaxy S2 it’s recommended to install this lovely ROM. It is also a fact that installing the Vanilla RootBox can eliminate the occurrence of errors. This is the common complaint in Android Jelly Bean as it lacks proper formation. You will also learn from Vanilla RootBox that it is not overridden with aspects from varied sources making it easier to install. You will definitely be in a user-friendly environment while working.

To update the mobile device to have a specific ROM, it is necessary to understand the attributes and the steps to upgrading the device.

Some of the Chief Features
•  Highlights of Android Open Kang Project (AoKP)
•  Different Hues in the Navigation tab
•  Noise reduction for phone calls
•  Shrinking keyboard size 
•  Shortcuts for Security locks for home screen
•  Music applications open automatically with headphones
•  Clock features
•  Per App DPI, Per App Tablet UI
•  Management of MMS profiles and Battery power signals
•  Monitoring the amount of display light.

Requirements for the Installation
•  Ensure that your phone has at least 75% battery charge
•  In case of any mishaps, always have a supportive storage of all your phone data so that you can transfer them later after installation.
•  While you use the USB Debugging for installation, make sure the storage sets which are dependent on mobile data must be saved or kept as a backup.
•   The route for MMS and APN features must be set correctly. Save the phone’s security pin numbers and confirm that the drives are installed properly.
•  However with the guidelines on the installation, you can easily do it.

Installation Procedure
•  Connect the port S2 I9100G, the specification of the device to the computer through the data cable. 
•  Transfer the already downloaded data of Vanilla Rootbox ROM to the mobile device. Never unzip any files that are downloaded. This is one of the key points to be followed in the first phase of installation.
•  Now eject the mobile device that’s connected through the data cable. Once removed, switch off the device.
•  Check the recovery and then go on to ClockWorkMod, keys for volume are to be gone through to surf the various elements of recovery.
•  Wondering what to do with the current ROM? Just do a Nandroid recovery of the current one so that if the newer version doesn’t work, you can go on to reinstall it later. 
•  Back to the installation, the next is the strategy of wiping all your data which is called as Wipe Cache Partition. This is also a reset option for clearing the cache memory of the phone.
•  While clearing off the data from Dalvik Cache, the option called Install ZIP from SD Card flashes. 
•  With the help of the main key, choose ZIP feature to progress
•  Once you have extracted files from scan disk, it has to be accessed next
•  The proceeding phase should be downloading applications from Google to extract desired files.
•  The final step is to initiate all the processes on the ROM which gives you an entry into the world of Vanilla RootBox.
•  To check if then ROM is upgraded successfully in the phone, go to the settings of the device and find it. If you don’t find it properly upgraded, then you should repeat to clear the data from Cache as explained previously.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Vs Apple iPad Mini

The tablet market is witnessing no dearth of competition these days. Two of the most watched out for rivals are corporate giants Apple and Samsung. The two manufactures are fighting hard to capture a larger market share that the other. Moreover, the two companies manufacture only quality products. This makes it all the more difficult to decide which one is the better of the two. 

Talking of tablets, Apple has launched Apple iPad Mini while Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year. In terms of quality, specifications and features the two are good and they stand shoulder to shoulder in competition with each other. However, we decided to compare the two slates. When we put them along side each other, here’s what we found. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Vs. Apple iPad Mini
To begin with Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 looks like it is the Note 2’s clone. Note 8.0 slate is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a screen size of 8-inches. Some share the opinion that in terms of its size, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 resembled the iPad Mini. The truth however is that the Note 8.0 looks like a smaller iPad Mini. 

The body of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 makes it look and feel like a premium gadget. Plastic has been used to make this device. The curved corners and its glossy finish gives this gadget a neat look. However, this device weighs heavier than the iPad Mini. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 weighs about 338 grams or 11.9 ounce. This device comes with a screen resolution of 1280 * 800. Higher the pixel density means images will be noticeably sharper. We tested the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and we noticed that the screen provided an excellent view from almost any viewing angle. One thing that the screen lacks is Super AMOLED display. You can use the S Pen to write on the screen of this device. This device being as slim as just 8mm and this makes it comfortably slip into a bag. 

In terms of performance Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is top class. The speed of this device is impressive. Thanks to the 1.6GHz quad-core processor that powers this device. This device also comes with features like radios for WiFi a/b/g/n, GB RAM, A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and an internal storage capacity of up to 32GB. However, storage capacity of this device can be expanded using a microSD expansion. This device runs on a powerful 4,600mAh battery. 

All in all Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is one of the perfect competitors for the iPad Mini.  Here’s a closer look at the specifications and features of the latter.

In terms of design, build and physical appearance iPad Mini wins the race hands-down. Thanks to the high-quality materials that are used in its making. This is a premium product by all means. iPad Mini is as light as just 10.8 ounce and is as thin as just 7.2mm. This goes to say that it is half the weight of the regular iPad. It is impossible to hold this tablet without letting your fingers touch the screen. Apple had foreseen this and to avoid accidents of any kind the company had developed the ‘resist thumb recognition’ technology. Screen resolution of iPad Mini is 1,024 x 768. Users only wished that the iPad Mini came with better sharpness. 

iPad Mini is simply superb in terms of its performance. Thanks to the 1GHz A5 processor that this device runs on. This device has been updated to the 6.1 version of iOS. Apple’s virtual assistance Siri can be accessed on this device. iPad Mini comes with wireless networking support and Bluetooth option. There is a 3.5mm audio connector that is situated on the top of this device. 

If you are passionate about photography, do not expect too much from the iPad Mini’s camera. This device comes packed with a 5MP iSight camera at the rear. This camera comes with advanced features like backside illumination that improves the quality of images that you take. However, this camera comes minus features like HDR mode and flash. iPad Mini also comes with a 1.2MP FaceTime camera.  You can own an iPad Mini with a storage capacity of 16, 32 or 64GB. Storage capacity of this device is non-expandable. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and iPad Mini come packed with all the features that you to have on your tablet. Nevertheless, it is difficult to come to a conclusion about which is the best of the two. 

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Latest SEO steps you should implement in small business

As a small business owner you might get depressed at times when you are not getting more traffic through Search Engine Optimization technique. There are a multiple benefits of SEO tricks that can be implemented for getting better returns through the SEO route. With the right action plan in hand, and some key elements added into the website, you will be on the path to success, sooner than you think.
Below are listed some key steps that you should follow for small business SEO.

1.) Make a start with your Website
Have a generous look at your website. If you are having lot of content on your website, ensure that you target keywords that people use to find some information or purchase some things. As you are using keywords for any post, ensure that you have keywords that link to relevant content on other posts. Putting this hard work together, you will be able to ensure that the search bots will not only crawl all your pages but will give additional information to the readers that will help them to become informed and well aware about products or service you are offering. This is essentially what is known as onpage SEO.
This is one step that small business owners often overlook and one should think about implementing the above listed step to ensure better SEO presence.

2.) Do not disregard the relevance of article marketing and Web 2.0 properties
Google might have made changes in Panda and Penguin slaps and this has obviously alarmed small business owners. However, whatever might be the concern of business owners, the fact remains that content is the king.
If you keep posting quality content on your blog or website and you yourself own the web 2.0 accounts, traffic will still keep pouring on your site or blog. You should also use offpage SEO techniques when it comes to ranking for the keywords.
Alternatively, you can try using other search engines too apart from Google for your SEO needs. You can try using Squidoo, Ezine articles and Wizzley for increasing your reach.

3.) Realize the true benefits of Social Media
It is a fact that local marketing companies and SEO are seeking the help of social media for promoting their marketing efforts. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube are some of the popular places for people to gather and share. As an website or blog owner you should make full benefit of these websites. You can set up business accounts at these sites, build up some followers and motivate clients to connect with their venture. Social media is an emerging concept and you should realize its true potential.

4.) Use advertisements to promote your initiative
Few methods are also available for putting up advertisements as this helps you utilize the keywords and help with SEO promotion initiative. A range of free classified sites are available and you can choose from among Free Ads and Craigslist among others. Alternatively, for getting better results you can look for paid options as Google, Facebook or Bidvertiser. These websites have a great presence all over the world and by investing in any such venture you can increase the reach of your traffic. Going in for this option will also help you find out on which keywords are the best for bringing in business.

5.) Hire a local marketing company
If you are in a position of hiring a local marketing firm or Search Engine Optimization consultant for promoting the business initiative, go for it as this does a great lot of good for your venture. Not only will quality traffic come to the website but your reach will increase to new corners as more people connect.
As a small business owner you might not be in a position to find the best keyword that can be converted into sales. This might happen due to multiple reasons as lack of exposure, financial constraints or unavailability of resources. A SEO consultant can make all the difference and in case you do not wish to have a permanent SEO consultant, you can go in for a freelancer. Learn the tricks of the business from the consultant and use the skills gained for promotion of your initiative.

Many companies are also using tracking systems to find out about what is working for them . Find out an appropriate tracking system for your venture and realize the benefits.

Use the above listed tricks to promote your venture and you will see that your initiatives are bearing fruit helping increasing number of people to connect with you and increase your reach and promote the business initiative.

About The Author: Kelly is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes in Ethan Peavey.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sony Xperia Z release date announced in India

Sony Xperia Z officially releasing on March 6 in India.

Xperia Z Specificatons:

Display: It comes with a 5" inch full 1080p reality display (1080 x 1920 pixels) powered by Mobile Bravia Engine2.

CPU: Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor
GPU: Adreno 320
Chipset: Qualcomm MDM9215M / APQ8064

Memory: micro SD, upto 32Gb
Internal: 16GB

Camera: 13 megapixel camrera with 4G LTE (4128x3096 pixels)

Battery: Li-Ion 2330 mAh capacity

Thickness: 7.9mm body
Dust resistand and water resistand smartphone durable with tempered glass and anti shatter film on the front and back.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What are the Top Computing Trends of 2013 Set to Be?

While we can expect to see some existing trends grow throughout 2013, the biggest impact on computing technology throughout the year ahead is likely to come from entirely new ideas.  One of the quirks of living a life heavily integrated with the technology industry is that if you are not up to speed, you are nowhere at all. Being in touch with the latest trends from across the industry is hugely important at all times, and using the most up to date products even more so.

How will computing technology define our lives throughout 2013? We looked closely at this question.

The Internet of Things

To the outsider, the ‘Internet of Things’ is probably what they think facetious tech junkies have begun calling the internet. They might even think it is the ‘official’ name for the internet.

However, it is something entirely different, and a development that could have a major role on how consumers use the internet. Whether it is accessing data, social media platforms, or the further personalisation of the internet, this will be a huge revolution, and it begins here in 2013.

Cyber Security

It seems that almost every day since the turn of the year has seen us reading about the latest cyber-attack, whether that be on Twitter accounts or on the databases of some of the planet’s biggest businesses and groups.

Expect there to be further evolution of this industry this year, as security providers move to create barriers that are almost impenetrable, and a service that allows any breaches to be detected and dealt with immediately.

No matter how far cyber security evolves, however, there will always be the feeling that it is nothing but the next move in the continuing game of cat and mouse between hackers and global companies.

3D Gaming

Not every trend in the world of computing is related to PC’s, and one of the biggest in the coming months is certain to be 3D gaming on a traditional console.

Microsoft, for example, have filed a patent for a projector to display 3D game images on a wall, meaning the next Call of Duty game or FIFA 14 might not be played on the television, but on a battlefield or football pitch that you are stood in the middle of.

Gaming should not be the end of the continuing 3D trend, however. Expect to see the next evolution forward from touch screen computers as the cost of 3D technology comes down. By the end of the year, we could see laptops that project menus into the room in front of you, allowing you to ‘pick up and open’ the application you want to use, for example, or navigate your way around the internet.

Limitless Potential

The biggest appeal when it comes to technology is that it is impossible to predict where these trends could end. Today, a 3D laptop screen and user interface may seem outrageous, but come next year it may well be the norm.

Whether it is gaming, the ‘Internet of Things,’ Cyber Security or anything else, what we thought we knew and understood about computing technology is sure to change yet again in 2013.

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