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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Windows 9 concept rumors

You very well know that every hit movie has its sequel just to capitalize more money from the market and the operating systems are of no exception especially when you talk about the software giant – Microsoft. After embarking with an incredible operating system called Windows 8, it would be interesting to explore the upcoming version called Windows 9.  Though it may be very much early to call the Windows 8 failure or successful venture, however, it is not often too soon to pose the question of what next is going to come from Microsoft in operating system perse. Since past few months and weeks, there are certain rumors about the concepts of the upcoming Windows 9. In fact, this upcoming OS version has been first heard somewhere in the mid 2013. This time the company is smart enough to try out a balancing act in the upcoming operating system wherein it will not only make the current users happy but also would attract others to try out the Windows 9 over their computing devices. Well let’s explore some of the windows 9 concept rumors in the following paragraph:

Windows 9 – smaller and inexpensive along with good amounts of apps
If you check the statements given by the Microsoft top officials, it simply talks about bringing out some of the best and inexpensive OS version for the windows users. This version therefore would come up with certain interesting features, which can render the people a good user experience over their different hardware interfaces and that too at inexpensive prices. Another interesting concept, which is rumored about windows 9, is that it would be compatible with a number of devices including the traditional PCs to the modern and upgraded mobile devices including Windows phone and tabs. The company has one long term objective wherein it intends to bring a good amount of .Net Windows Store profile and the WinRT API surface to the phone. This in return would render the developers good opportunity to develop a number of applications for the Windows Store, which can offer Windows 9 users a wider range of opportunity in choosing different apps. You can therefore fit different size based screen to scaling apps in the upcoming windows 9 version.

The power management of Windows 9
Some sections of the media has been showing how Bruce Worthington (the technical head of Windows power management) was seen sharing certain technical details regarding the power saving in the upcoming version of Windows. As per this report, even the current versions of Windows, especially the windows 8 are backed by kernel, which helps in boosting up the power management. Windows 9 would employ the same idea in much better and smarter way in order to enhance the power management in a right way. The company is visualizing having the same power management feature unlike the way you find it in some low power Atom tablets. The power management team has been working hard on this aspect and thus would embark with something interesting in this perspective in the upcoming Windows 9 version. Though the company is finding certain challenges in giving this feature to its users but Microsoft has made this element as an important priority to be added in Windows 9 that will certainly going to give the users a very good boost forward.

The gestures and experiences of Windows 9
Though the company often talks about different features while bringing out their operating systems with few appearing while others coming the next time, but this time with Windows 9 Microsoft seems to be serious in giving everything it talked. As per experts, this time the company would include Kinect based 3D gestures especially when you have certain notebooks coming up with the 3D cameras. By employing two inexpensive web cams instead of high end costly 3D cameras can make the gesture recognition hardware simpler and inexpensive for the computers (laptops), which will then help you in waving over the screen from any distance. As per the rumors this element called Direct Experience would be seen Windows 9, which will help the users to play a number of media files that can only be run in any specially designed OS. With a number of improvements in things like Hyper-V for the Windows Server 8 that the company is going to employ the same very easily over the Window 9, the users would have good time while moving their virtual machines from one place to the other.

Final word
As there is always a room for improvement, the current operating system from Microsoft is no exception. Hence the upcoming Windows 9 version would certainly have some of the best features and few of its rumored concepts are discussed above.

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