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Sunday, February 9, 2014

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The Best Phone to Buy From Samsung in 2014 First Quarter

The popularity of the Samsung S4 has given inspiration to Samsung in making investment in the niche for making an improved version of the phone. Samsung is expected to unveil it’s new phone Samsung Galaxy S5 very soon in the coming months. You can expect many features from this Samsung mobile phone that is again going to be a perfect hit in the market can provide you with all the amenities required for carrying out various functions which you want to prepare. There is every possibility for getting the most exciting phone in the market with the release of this particular product.

Almost every customer might have complained about the plastic bodies of the S series from Samsung but the company has continued to bring the new versions of the phone along with the same kind of body. The new version of S series the S5 is really going to make the customers satisfied with the modification in the body of the phone. The company is expected to release the new Samsung S5 with all the metal body which can really make you get amazed and you can now feel that the S series has become complete. The Samsung is expected to release this new name among the android phones by the first half during the year of 2014. The phone’s body is expected to be made out of aluminum and Magnesium. This is the phone that is available for creating a challenge for it’s competitors. This is the only brand available in the market that makes the higher end models of Smartphone out of plastic. This trend is going to change and can result in making the phone highly appealing in it’s looks compared to the available models in the market.

Dust and Weather Proof
The Samsung S5 that is going to hit the market is expected to be weather proof and this can make it much comfortable to carry anywhere you go without much worries. Along with the metallic body, the ability to withstand various adverse weather conditions can make this refurbished smartphones really a great choice by the customers.

The Processor with Higher Efficiency
Another great benefit that you get with the usage of this product is that you are going to get processor with higher efficiency. This is the kind of phone that is going to come with the processor of 64 bit which can really make the functionality to be done in higher efficiency.

Super Sensitive Camera and Screen
The super camera that you get with Samsung S5 has 13 Mega pixels which can make it easier for capturing some good quality pictures. The optical image stabilization is a feature that you get with the camera that you get along with this mobile phone. The screen that is going to be the part of this new mobile from Samsung is expected to be of 5 inches and can provide the quality of 560 pixels inch and this can provide you with greater experience in seeing things on the screen.

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