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Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Best Google Page Rank Checker Tools

There are quite a few PageRank checking tools online that are good for the simple fact that they are free and because they do their job. It is hard to complain about the web design of some of these services or the cheap way they have constructed their websites when their free tool does its job so well. Here are some of the best Google Page Rank checkers, all of which are free to use.

This is a tool that is part of a bigger set of tools. You can check your PageRanks in bulk with this tool. This means you may check numerous websites at one time. One page you will see tabs near the top of the page. Click on the "tool" tab and click the Webmaster Tools » Multiple PageRank Checker Tool. You are given a place to paste your domains and it click the button. Sometimes, if you have a poor or bad PR then it shows a funny line and nothing else.

SEO Rank Smart
With this tool you are able to check your PageRank in bulk. You need to go to SEO webmaster tools and then to "Bulk Google PageRank Checker". This presents you with a screen to check your PageRanks. Paste your domains in to the box, enter the security code which is printed on there and click to generate your PageRank. It then gives you the number of your PageRank on a small table. 

Being able to check in bulk is the new big thing these days. That is why all of the tools on this website allow you to check your domains in bulk.

This looks like a new website, mainly because it is asking for advertisers, which is not common for more established websites. Still, the website offers a tool that is free and works so it is hard to complain. Simply enter your domains into the box that appears on the home page and click to submit. It takes a few seconds and shows you your domain PageRank(s). 

This website is not a suite of tools; it is all about checking PageRanks, so you will not be surprised to learn that on the home page is the tool for checking your websites. All you have to do enter all the domains you want to check and click to submit. Give it a few seconds and it comes back with your PageRanks.

Many of the websites on this list are cheaply made, and as said in the introduction, it is okay because they are offering free use of their tool. However, this website has gone a step further. It is still a cheap content management system creation, but instead of the usual affiliate advertising and site maps and other links, there is just a home page (a single page website) with a preamble and the tool.  To be honest it is quite a refreshing attitude. 

Getting your PageRanks could not be simpler. You paste all of your domain names in to the box on the home page. You then pick the PageRanks you want. So, For example, if you only want to see websites with a PageRank of four then select four and run the tool. It will come back and show you which of the websites you entered are PageRank 4. 

Why is giving you such a choice a good thing? This is because most people use bulk tools to check the PageRank of blogs. They check to see if the blogs they have on their list are worth adding a guest post. This means if you are looking for a certain PageRank within the list then you can find it very quickly with this tool.

At the time of writing this tool is free, though they may be making changes to have you pay at some point. You can tell by how they now desire that you sign in and create an account before they let you use the tool. They never used to ask such things, so they are probably working their way up to monetizing the website. Create your account and you are allow to use the site for free and the too. They do have notices saying that the registration is free. This is often a clue that some part of their service is not free. Still, at the time of writing they allow people to create an account and use the tool.

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