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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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What Makes An SEO Website Poor Quality And Lower Ranked

Search Engine Optimization is very much important in these days. Without the proper SEO, your site is not going to be optimized and ranked higher in the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). There are different kinds of SEO mistakes that persons make, which results in the lower rank in the popular search engines, even banned by them. Mistakes are made because of the presence of different kinds of publishers, with enormously different levels of approaches and knowledge. 

Different people, engaged in SEO
These falls into four different categories: People, who do not truly get familiar with the SEO, so they do not get in touch with the fact that they must accomplish something about it. Persons, who have worse knowledge and information about SEO, they accomplish the wrong thing. Individuals, who engage in SEO and deliberately, violate the guidelines of the Google Webmaster. People, who realize SEO and try to abide by the guidelines of the Google Webmaster. All of them make efforts on their own to improve the SEO aspect of any website, according to their skills and knowledge.  All the things lead to the great confusion and mistakes. Have a look at some common mistakes made by people, mentioned below:

Fail to build up your CMS
There are a lot of e-commerce or content management systems, which can be created SEO friendly. Though, all of them need some configuration level, incorporating Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, ATG and many others. Descriptions and custom titles for every page are an ordinary configuration necessity for all of these systems, but there are frequently many more components also. These can incorporate creating a site maps file, removing duplicate content, personalizing URL’s for search engine easiness, and much more. You need to ensure to acquire information from your content management system company on what the SEO requirements for configuration are for their platforms. 

Having duplicate content 
This issue has been around always, and frequently effects from failing to construct your CMS or sloppy coding, or only easily not understanding that dealing with it is essential. Duplicate content is defined as including the same content, or almost the same content, come into view on 2 different URL’s. This kind of issue can cause search engines in order to rank your website lower, and hence, move you less traffic. 

Having thin content
Thin content is defined as pages, which simply do not include lots of context on them, or websites with a lot of pages, which are not that dissimilar from one another, although, these are not considered duplicates. A lot of websites can include this issue. This is a fabricated example of what could be reflected on a thin content web page on an ecommerce website. You can hire Miami SEO services to get rid of thin content issues. 
This leads to make a website of poor quality. Certainly, this is quite probably to take place. More frequently than not it is due to the fact that a publisher has understood enough about Search Engine Optimization to learn that including pages for dissimilar topics can assist in attracting more traffic, but they do not place adequate effort into the web pages they insert to make them valuable and unique. 

Author Bio
Claudia is a professional writer, who has a keen interest in the latest technology aspects such as Internet marketing Miami and many others. She has written a lot of creative and unique articles and blog posts on these topics. 


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