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Monday, August 25, 2014

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Mobile Photography and Tips to Improve It

Admit it! You love it when the mobile pictures you share online gets plenty of likes and comments. It gives you a sense of happiness to see the image you took, getting a lot of attention. But with the limited filters and settings in photo editing applications like Instagram, expect your pictures to look exactly like other people's photos.
If you want to improve your pictures and make them stand out, here are few tips that you should follow:

Look At Your Subject in Different Perspective
Do not limit yourself on what your eyes are making you see. Look beyond the linear perspective and experiment on angles and foreground. There are various perceptive composition to help images look entirely different. The most common perspectives are the birds eye view and the worms eye. The former being taken in high vantage point while the latter, taken in a low point of view. There are also overlapped perspective where subjects from the foreground partially covers the background subject. This creates a sense of depth, which shows relative distance among the subjects. Playing with angles help your photos dynamic and pleasant to look at.

Know The Perfect Filter
Instagram filters create a retro-analog effect to you digital images. Usually, people use a trial and error process in choosing which filter to use but it is time consuming. You have to be familiar with filters. Here are few:
•Hefe: Slight vignette edge that improves contrast and saturation. Makes color pop in an already vibrant subject.
•Valencia: High retro effect that makes an eerie feel. It washes out and overexpose images to create antique look to the subject.
•Toaster: High saturation filter with burnt center emphasizing vignette edges. This is a dramatic filter that pushes the attention to the central part of the image.
•X Pro II: A very versatile filter that suits indoor and outdoor subject, whether portrait or landscape. It also make colors pop out to give a Photoshop effect.

Be Creative with Props
You should add spice to your subjects by adding props like flowers, boxes, shells and figurines. Subjects with props get more attention than the bare ones that is why shopping stores always adorn their window displays with props. Play and experiment with these materials to improve the composition of your images.

Mind the Light
Everyone knows that bad light ruins an image. That is why you have to know where best to photograph your subject. Here are few points to note:

•Indoors, open as much light as possible, but be aware of harsh shadows because it can ruin the composition. You can use reflectors to minimize shadows.
•Outdoors, you have to avoid too much light. It basks your frame into too much white light that might remove important contrasts.
•Camera phone lenses are prone to sun flares. Sun flares can ruin your photos, but you can use it to you advantage by experimenting with it.

Experiment With Lenses
Be more creative by adding clip-on lenses on your phone. It can be wide-angle, close-up or fisheye lens. Fisheye lens is an ultra wide lens that makes visual distortion to your photos. Wide angles are perfect for taking landscapes while close up lens is good in capturing details. With lenses you can create great depth-of-field that you can only achieve through professional cameras.

Try New Photo Editing Tools
If you cannot achieve your desired effect in Instagram, you can export your photos and open it in a different editing application before posting it in Instagram. There are many great photo applications for android and iOS phones. Here are few apps that you can try:

•Camera 360: An easy to use photo editing application that offers creative filters. Unlike Instagram, camera 360 has filters that gives more than the retro style. You can play with saturation, glow and soften filters. You can also improve the lighting of under or over exposed pictures.
•Camera Zoom FXP: This photo app makes your phone camera more powerful. Aside from helpful grids to compose your images properly, this app helps you take in stable-shot mode to avoid blurry images. It also has voice activated shooting mode.
•Pixler Express: This is a mobile version of the widely popular Photoshop alternative. It basically runs the same way as Instagram but it feature more interesting filters. It also has a very user friendly interface to easily navigate the application.

These are the few tips that you can do to improve your photos and make them stick out from the usual retro images you see online. Remember expressing creativity should never be limited to filters, you have to think outside the box to make every photos you share online, memorable.

Author's Bio:
Maddy is a global writer and blogger, she is currently writing for Millennials in Manila, a web magazine about life, career, culture, entertainment and more


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