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Monday, August 25, 2014

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Thunderbolt Firmware Update Headed Mac Users Way

Everyone knows how important it is to keep themselves in touch with every update that gets released, whether it be for their mobile or PC operating system. With the advancement of malware and spyware, it seems impossible to have a device which functions without causing issues unless one is properly updated and on top of the vulnerabilities that hackers and their virus brigade manage to get the best of.

And speaking of updates, Apple has come out with a recent update for Mac systems, which have ever so slowly been losing their status as super safe computer systems. Overall Apple has always managed to keep the security side of things tight (too tight according to some) but lately it’s Mac OS has been coming under fire for not being able to stand the test of hard drive extraction and usage. Though Mac users hardly complain of Mac spy software or other such standard issues, this particular liability has needed to be addressed and the update that will do so is finally here.

The firmware update is for the Thunderbolt controllers in Mac systems. The entire update is designed to deal with the issues popping up with individuals using Target Disk Mode to mount a Mac’s internal hard drive onto another system or external drive. This method is mostly used for trouble shooting the hard drive function or whenever users need to migrate their data to a new Mac system but it can also potentially leak your information if in the wrong hands. Anyone with physical access to your system and a root account can easily go through your emails and whatever else is stored. Of course this is a major threat to both user security and privacy.

This particular update isn’t a heavy one and is simply 1.22MB; it can be either downloaded through Apple’s Support Downloads website or then run manually or you can run the Software Update Service in OS X in the Apple menu. Despite its small size, this particular update comes with firmware updates for a number of systems with this port including the iMac, MacBook, and Mac Mini systems. So far there hasn’t been any word of any specific system requirements which are needed and hence one can assume that it would be applicable to anyone whose device sports a Thunderbolt port.

For users who are attempting to install this update, simply make sure that you are indeed following the onscreen instructions by Apple and there is no chance of disruption of your power supply. Updating firmware is actually a fragile process and if gone even slightly wrong, it can end up corrupting your system and leaving it useless. Of course Apple’s release is a part of advanced technology and this modern firmware updating method seems secure and safe from corruption over the last few years.

What the update does require is the OS X 10.8.3 and as with all updates and installations, you will need to restart your system for installation. Now having read up on this, go get your update ASAP, waiting around to update is never a smart idea.

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