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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Tech Toys You Never Knew Existed

Technology is moving faster than ever before. The following gadgets are just a few of the technological advancements you never knew or imagined existed. They range from the incredible, to the just plain funny. Get ready to be wowed by the wonder of the technological age!

DJI Phantom Drone

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a Phantom Vision Plus drone. From Drone ETC comes an amazing little quadrocopter that comes in a variety of sizes ranging from camera sized, to tiny toy. It is so small you can control it with your smartphone, and it allows you capture beautiful HD footage. Now you can unleash your creativity by capturing million dollar looking shots and breath-taking vistas. The possibilities are literally limitless. 

Air2 Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever heard of a floating speaker? Well, we hadn't either until we saw the new Air 2. This gadget has a 10 meter transmission distance and can be controlled using your smartphone. It also has a free-hands calling option to get it back to you when you need it. This gadget uses magnets to float in the air. If you enjoy the futuristic look, then this device is definitely for you. 


If you travel often, or if you just really miss your pet then this gadget is a must-have. It is a camera with two way audio and built in laser. You can see and talk to your pet, and play with them using the laser. There is also an option where the laser automatically plays with your pet for you when you get tired. If you feel guilty leaving your pet alone or if you travel often, this device will help you keep your pet close even when you're far. 


If you hate cleaning then give this gadget a try. Get all that dust out of your house by using this robotic mini vacuum cleaner in your home or office. The gadget detects all the furniture in the room and avoids hitting them. It also provides music connectivity. Sit back, relax, and let this robot do all the cleaning. 

Polaroid Socialmatic 14MP Instant Print Camera 

We are all familiar with the legendary Polaroid cameras of the 80’s. This is the new and improved digital version. It is a tablet and instant camera in one. You can connect it to wifi, read your email, or even a book. The camera allows you to take pictures at 14-megapixels, edit them and print as many copies as you want. It is also customized to fit your personality with the pictures you like coming up first. 

The future is now and new gadgets are popping up everywhere to make our lives easier, or to just make us happier. Check out these latest devices everyone is talking about. 


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