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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Why your business needs an employee monitoring software

Among all the contemporary challenges a business manager faces today, probably the greatest challenge is to increase the efficiency of the human resource. While many training program, seminars, and other related activities are conducted with the rationale of increasing the efficiency of the employees, research shows that cyber loafing (using the company’s internet connection for personal purposes) is a major distraction for employees, which greatly reduces the employees’ efficiency at work. Thus, it is very difficult for a manager to make sure that his subordinates are performing the tasks they are supposed to do rather than wasting time over the internet. 
To counter such a situation, IT developers have developed a dedicated application, termed as an employee monitoring application, which fully monitors the activities performed by the employees using their smartphones. Such applications are compatible with all the contemporary mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.Some of the top reasons you should install an employee monitoring application on the smartphones of your employees are detailed below:

• Cyber loafing: 
Most of the corporateemployees consider it justified to use the business’ internet connection for their personal purposes such as socializing, personal emails, online dating and useless surfing. This not only decreases the efficiency of the employees, as the bulk of the time is spent in cyber loafing, but also has serious legal implications as well. Didn’t understand? Let me explain. Suppose any of your employees gets engaged in any illegal activity and the authorities are able to track the IP address of the internet connection. In such a situation, being the registered user of the internet connection,the business owner will be held responsible for the activity and may be sued in the court of law.So, to avoid any such situation or to track the one responsible for the illegal act, it is very essential to install a cell phone monitoring app on the smartphones of the employees.

• Financial scams:
Research analysis reveal the fact that many companies have recently signed up for fidelity insurance besides other insurance plans, the reason of which is the increasing number of financial frauds committed by the employees of the business corporations. Lately, many such cases have also been reported where many of the key employees of numerous business corporations were indeed the ‘physical spywares’ of the rival companies. Such disloyal employees first gain access to the confidential business information and then sell it to the rival against some personal benefit. This clearly, is a major threat to the business, and can only be dealt with an employee monitoring software.

Another thing worth mentioning here that it is illegal to monitor cell phone of somebody without his consent, so do not forget to mention this term in the employment contract that employees will be provided with such smartphones, which have an employee monitoring software installed on them. This will save you from any possible law suit by the employees, if they blame you for illegally spying on employees cell phones.

Some of the key functions performed by an employee monitoring software are listed below: 
• Monitoring incoming and outgoing phone calls
• Reading incoming and outgoing text messages. 
• Monitoring the email communication made by the employee.
• Accessing the contacts list and gallery items of the targeted smartphone. 
• Monitoring the pages surfed by the employee through his smartphone. 

Managing employees in the current business environment is one of the biggest tasks performed by the human resource managers. Employees tend to waste their time online and are often involved in inside jobs too. However, both of the said problems can be tackled with the help of an employee monitoring software, which dedicatedly keeps an eye on the activities performed by the employee through his smartphone. 

Author Bio:
Nicki is an author, Tech Experts and Relationship Advisor. Mostly she writes about Employee Monitoring legality. Her latest article why businesses need an employee monitoring software got wide social media attraction.


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