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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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iOS 10 Update - Best New Features

iOS 10 update comes with lot of new features. Lets see each one in detail.

Handy button to check all unread emails
There is a button on the bottom left of the Mail app in iOS 10 that lets you quickly check all unread emails. Also long press of the button leads to other filters. And also one more button added i.e unsubscribe which lets you to unsubscribe by tapping it from annoyed newsletters,etc.

Get back to the old home button
The new unlock feature in iOS 10 where  the user has to press the home button to unlock the device works very well with the latest releases of  Apple i.e., iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus(which has a touch model button but actually it is not a button). Coming to the older devices this feature is less convenient. To restore the old home button: Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > turn on Rest Finger to Open

Hide photo albums
Photos app in iOS 10 has a very impressive feature, it identifies people and groups all the photos they are in. And if you want to hide someone’s pics just open the People album and tap Select on the top right and now select the pics you want to hide and tap the Hide on the bottom left. 

Contact name predictions
While sending  iMessage or text from email address or a number which is not in your address book, iOS 10 tries to predict who they are.

Assign default numbers, email address for contacts
In the Contacts app, if you open any contact, you will see four blue icons-  Text, Call, FaceTime, and Email. For example if any contact has more than one phone number or email address you can pick a default. To do that tap and hold those icons. After picking the default if you tap any of these icons it will directly mail, call or message the default contact number or email address you assigned.

Draw anything on photos
If you want to add any text or draw something funny on any photo iOS 10 has a feature called Markup.  Open any picture in the Photos app > tap the settings icon (next to the trash icon) > tap the three dots icon on the top left > tap Markup. Same feature available in iMessage. Tap the right arrow on the bottom left. This reveals the camera icon, so tap that. Now tap and hold any photo and then tap the Markup button on the bottom-left.

Close multiple tabs at once in Safari
To close the multiple tabs open in the Safari browser simply tap and hold the tab button on the bottom right then you will get an option in red to close all tabs at once.

Uninstall pre-loaded apps
Annoyed with the unwanted pre-installed apps such as Weather, Mail, Stocks? Now you can rid of them easily by deleting them like others apps you delete, But the thing is these apps are not really uninstalled from the system, only the icon is hidden. It means we won’t gain any storage space.

Disable read receipts
Not interested to send read receipts on iMessage, simply tap the i icon on the top right of any conversation and disable the send read receipts.

Recent badge in call logs
Suppose if some contact has multiple numbers and you forget the number which you want to call them on.  Tap the i button which is next to the contact then you see a Recent badge you have called recently to that number.

Decrease data consumption on iMessage
If you face a slow internet connection situation you can now send compressed images via iMessage. Go to Settings > Messages, scroll to the bottom and enable Low quality Image Mode.

No limit on tabs in Safari
On iOS 10 you can open unlimited tabs in Safari which there is limit of 36 tabs on iOS 9

Optimise Storage to save space on Apple Music & Automatic Downloads
This feature in iOS 10 automatically removes the songs you haven’t played much to free up the storage space. Go to Settings > Music > enable Optimise Storage. Other feature is Automatic Downloads- When you add songs to your library, Apple Music will automatically download those songs. Just go to Settings > Music > turn on Automatic Downloads.

Improved Dial Assist
Go to Settings > Phone > turn on Dial Assist. Now if you get any call from landline numbers, iOS 10 shows you which city and state the number belongs to. 

There is a new feature in Clock app in iOS 10 which is Bedtime. With this feature you can set a sleep and wake up time. It reminds your sleep on time and wakes you up with relaxing music.


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